Why SEO And Digital Marketing Aren’t Simply Two Different Programs


There is no denying that internet marketing and freelance marketing have become like twins. At first glance, you can’t tell the difference. Nevertheless, when you compare the two, you’ll soon realize that the former needs the latter.

freelance marketing

Internet marketing and freelance marketing have the same function: they bring the advertising and promotion of products or services to a wider target market. This may mean attracting people from all walks of life to join in promoting the business or brand image.

The problem lies with ensuring that potential clients get the information that they need when they want it. If the message is not delivered promptly and properly, then there will be no sales.

While SEO and Internet marketing are related concepts, they’re also different in some ways. SEO is actually the “search engine optimization” of the internet. Digital marketing is the marketing of goods and services through social networking and other media.

If we were to compare marketing and SEO, we would find that SEO and Internet marketing was responsible for the two most important processes in the advertising and promotion of business brands. However, there are still aspects where the two programs don’t match.

As a reminder, SEO is the means of getting your website on top of the search engine rankings. In a few words, it makes sure that your site gets a higher rank than other competitors’ sites. It is basically a method of improving the visibility of your site, increasing its traffic and, eventually, increasing its sales.

On the other hand, digital marketing is the actual manner in which the advertisements, promotions and sales messages are delivered through social networking and other media. There are experts who are experts on both domains, but a good example for this distinction is Google AdWords.

For those who are still confused, let’s see the differences between SEO and digital marketing. Basically, you can see that the latter process involves long-term advertising and promotions campaigns.

Marketing through the internet takes several months to reach its peak. In fact, there are some who believe that it’s not an effective strategy since the aim should be to attract customers to a particular product or service within a short period of time.

Search engines can’t deliver instant results. For example, if you do your research on your own to find out the best search engine rankings, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to promote your business to a worldwide audience.

On the other hand, digital marketing takes advantage of the free distribution channels such as search engines, social networking, email marketing and online article directories. You can generate fast results since you have thousands of prospects to choose from.

So, if you think that SEO and internet marketing don’t work together, you’d be wrong. Nowadays, both SEO and digital marketing are so closely linked that even the professionals can’t decide which is better.