Search Engine Optimization – The Role Search Engines Play in It


Search engine optimisation (SEO), also known as Search Engine Marketing, is an integral part of any business that generates traffic online. It is the art of making a site easy to find and more specifically, it is all about increasing the amount of traffic that a site receives from search engines like Google, Yahoo! And Bing.

search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is also known as SEM. This process is very simple. However, it does take a lot of time before you see the results of your work. In fact, it can take months before you start seeing significant results. This is because every step of SEO is interlinked and interconnected and takes a lot of planning, strategising and perseverance on your part.

Basically, SEO is about using carefully selected keywords on your website in order to rank well with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Basically, the goal of these algorithms is to return the highest number of relevant web pages to the visitors of a particular site.

Google and Yahoo! are among the three most popular search engines, and they work by scanning text and searching the relevant sites. When the websites pass the keyword relevance tests of these search engines, they are ranked based on the relevance of the keywords used on them. In simple terms, they try to understand what the searchers in a particular niche are looking for. The programmers who develop these algorithms are known as SEO analysts or SEO specialists.

The next step of SEO is to create the code that is used in the various pages of the website so that the spiders can crawl these pages and index them. The code is usually written by the programmer, but sometimes a professional may also be hired for this purpose. The SEOs or SEO professionals create the HTML, Meta tags, images, videos and other features that make the pages of the site interesting and user friendly. All these features are tested by these engines in order to make sure that they are working properly and that the websites are search engine friendly.

It is important to remember that in order to rank well with the search engines, it is necessary to do constant optimization work. The optimization process includes building links, writing quality content, creating keywords and submitting the website to the search engines on a regular basis. Optimization does not happen overnight, but is a process which is carried out continuously over a period of time. For example, a new website can be submitted to the google ranking pages after a certain period of time and if the site is indexed, there will be continuous traffic for the website. If the optimization is done only at the beginning of a site and the same is neglected thereafter, the site will not rank well later on and this is known as the ‘Dofollow’ problem.

There are many webmasters who think that since the algorithms of the search engines are being changed regularly, their SEOs cannot match the algorithm changes. They can’t. As the webmasters have a control over their site, it is possible that they can find ways and means to implement the changes to their advantage. They just need to be aware of the tools and techniques that are available to them so that they can use them to their advantage.

In order to get a better ranking in the search engines, it is important to have relevant backlinks from high traffic websites. The more relevant backlinks you have, the better it is for your site. These backlinks will be the ones that are counted towards your search engine rankings. In addition to getting quality backlinks, you should also try to make your sites as easy to obtain as possible, by doing things like allowing for article submissions, blog commenting, forum posting, guest blogging and other such similar activities.