SEO and Link Building For Your Wind Turbine Business


Today there are many different ways to boost your online business through SEO. SEO is about increasing a website s rankings in the natural (non-sponsored) top section of the search results. The most obvious benefit of high ranking for a particular keyword is you will receive free targeted traffic to your website, usually month after month with little or no effort on your part. Here are the basic topics which will cover in this article about SEO:

So what is SEO? Basically SEO is about building links to your website. It’s easy to achieve this by submitting your website’s URL to directories, forums and social media sites. You want to have as many links pointing to your website as possible, this increases your search engine positioning. You can also use external link building tools such as web directory submission, blog commenting and RSS feeds, just to name a few.

What does this have to do with search engine marketing? The link building strategy you use will have a significant impact on the success of your SEO strategy. The more links pointing towards your website, the higher your search engine positioning will be. Link building strategies come in many forms and we will discuss some of the more popular methods below. They are all part of link building (links) strategy.

One method which you can implement is called Blog commenting. Basically you use a popular blogging website such as WordPress to comment on other blogs. This will put your website link in a prominent place in that article. In essence, high-quality, relevant backlinks.

Another form of link building strategy which is used to increase your search engine positioning is by writing and submitting articles to directories. This includes content such as web page reviews, product reviews, ebooks and similar articles. Ensure the articles you write provide value to your readers and include at least one link back to your website. To build links organically, search for article directories which allow you to add a resource box.

An additional way to build links is by using search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is not always about writing lots of articles. You may also want to add some keywords which you think your website or blog would benefit from being ranked for. Some SEO experts believe that having good anchor text makes it even more likely that people will click on links so make sure you use relevant keywords and don’t abuse keyword bidding or keyword stuffing.

If you haven’t already done so, it would probably be a good idea to carry out some keyword research before you begin building your links. Keyword research should give you a good indication of what words people are searching for when looking for a particular product or service. When carrying out this research, make sure you include any synonyms of your chosen keywords as they can sometimes appear in the anchor text of links which you create. Doing some keyword research is also a great way to gauge which keyword phrases or combinations of keywords are likely to be useful in building your link building campaign.

A popular way of SEO link building which uses anchor text is by using the blogging platform WordPress. Using this platform you can add relevant anchor text to any post you make which describes the type of product or service you are selling. For example, if you were advertising a wind turbine used to reduce electricity bills, you could add “wind turbine blades” to the end of any article you write about wind turbines. Search engines will search these anchor text keywords whenever someone searches for the type of product or service you are advertising which will show up in your rankings.