Tips : “How to clean Keurig machines”

Descaling your Keurig machine and keeping it free of all the mineral deposits is important for your coffee machine to work smoothly and without any issues. Although different Keurig machines have a slightly different cleaning procedure, most steps are same in the cleaning process. You need to perform this cleaning procedure in every few weeks to ensure a working coffee machine.

With this article, you would be able to clean and descale your Keurig machine in no time at all. Check out someĀ best drip coffee maker.

Ingredients and equipment required:

  • A large coffee mug
  • Water
  • A Keurig descaling solution or Vinegar solution
  • Clean, dry cloth


  • Preparing the coffee machine

The first step in cleaning a Keurig coffee machine would be to ready your coffee machine for the cleaning process. You need to unplug your machine and remove any removable coffee machine parts. You need to empty the water reservoir and remove the filters. You need to make sure that your brewer is turned off.

  • Descaling rinse one

Now, fill your water reservoir with the contents of the Keurig descaling solution bottle and then fill the bottle with fresh water and again pour it into your water reservoir. You can also create a vinegar solution by taking vinegar and water in 2:1 ratio and pour it into your water reservoir. Once this is done, turn on the power button and place a large mug or cup on the drip tray. Now, run your first brew cycle by choosing a brew size and pressing the BREW button. Throw away the water once it gets collected in the mug.

  • Second descaling rinse

Repeat the above step until your coffee machine starts displaying the message to fill in more water in the reservoir. Let your machine stand still for some time for the cooldown and then discard any residual water solution from the water reservoir and thoroughly rinse and clean it.

  • Fresh water rinse

Once you have cleaned your water reservoir, you need to fill it with fresh water up to the max fill line and not more than that. Now, place a large mug or cup on the drip plate and start a new brew cycle with the largest brew size and once the water gets collected in the mug, throw it in the sink and repeat the brewing process until all water is used and your water reservoir is completely emptied.

You would need to follow this step at least 12 times and you might need to fill the water reservoir again. Make sure that there is no residual solution else it would tarnish the taste of your coffee.

  • Wiping the machine surface

Once you have cleaned the coffee machine thoroughly from the inside, you need to do the same from the outside. Take a damp cloth and use it to wipe down the coffee machine surface from all the sides and beneath the machine too. Take extra care to remove any dust or dirt from the crevices and below the machine as a lot of dirt gets accumulated in these cracks.

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