The Relationship between Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Technological advancements, artificial intelligence, the rise of digitalization have been a gradual and increasing process.

Everyone around the world is now capable of accessing the internet and the number of people using it is increasing by the second. While the process of using the internet started with searching for things and basic functions, today the internet has grown to be more than a place to find something.

People now can buy, sell, advertise, preach, protest, and raise awareness on the internet.

But, how does it matter?

It matters because the audience one person can reach over the internet is tremendous and has a global outreach.

One person sitting in the USA can now sell his/her/their products all over the world and that is something that could never have been done before.

This also allows for businesses to operate in all regions around the world. To give you an example of this, I hired Los Angeles SEO company Digital 91 to help me research projects on this very blog.

Businesses have reached new heights because of global digitalization.

While all of it sounds like a gradual yet simple process to understand, one must know that the World Wide Web is a complex place to be and understand.

As we move to towards an era where everything is digitalized, here’s a quick guide to explain to you the basics of digital marketing, search engine optimization and the relationship between the two.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before understanding the digital aspect of Digital Marketing, it is vital to know what exactly is marketing. At the very base marketing is a process that is used in business to promote and sell products and or services. This also includes the research and advertising fields of a business. It is how a company or organization makes a mark in the market by using various mediums to advertise their products and services.

When someone says digital marketing, it means that it is a marketing process that uses any kind of electronic device or the internet to promote, advertise and or sell a product or service. Businesses take the help of various digital mediums such as social media, search engines, email, and websites to connect with their prospective as well as current customers.

This mode of “contemporary marketing” has created a buzz around it since it is known by a range of different labels. It is also called e-marketing, internet marketing, web marketing, so on and so forth.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Since the article talks about Digital Marketing, it very important to understand what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as it is the corner stone of the Digital Marketing world. SEO is like that one weapon that can help anyone conquer a relevant spot in the realm of the internet.

Review blog NoBSIMReviews has used SEO to get millions of visitors without paying for them over the last few years. They direct the traffic to reviews like Fluorescent Sand ( and other companies are doing the same.

Search Engine Optimization is the implementation of expanding the amount of engagement a website experiences through natural search results.

Through the use of this tool, a person can increase global engagement and gain quality visitors. This tool not only increases quantity but also aids in providing quality engagement.

It is not just about having a lot of people visiting a website; it is also about gaining traffic that is interested in whatever that particular website provides.

What is the relationship between digital marketing and search engine optimization?

If SEO is a part of digital marketing, it is obvious that it will have a certain kind of relationship with digital marketing.

It is like the primary tool for anyone who is into or is new to the world of digital marketing since it increases viewership.

In the world of advertising and marketing a product or service, a marketer and or advertiser would want that they engage the maximum number or interested or prospect customers towards their brand, product and or service.

With the help of SEO, a digital marketer can easily tackle the issue. The SEO tool will help the company not only gain customers and traffic to their website, but will also start becoming relevant and known as word goes out and other people start visiting the website to look at the company’s products and or service.

This way, a digital marketer and or advertiser uses SEO to reach out to the entire world. This includes researching about what people search for over the internet, building leads and trying to grow the number of customers a company gets by organic searches.

Bottom line

If you are someone who knows about digital marketing or a someone new and wish to explore the possibilities of engaging in digital marketing, knowing the basics such as the core meaning and functions of digital marketing and search engine optimization is important since, in the current trends, it is most likely that they will be integrated and will be used as one whole tool for maximum effect.

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